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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year but same great attitude

One of my by new years goals was to find happiness in "the little things".  Often times I would go to an event and only think about the food, when we were going to eat etc. I often missed out on enjoying conversation with people, or enjoying atmosphere. When my mind was not full of thoughts of food I found that I had a much better time wherever I was.  A large portion of the credit for this new found ability really has to do with gluten. Gluten? what does gluten have to do with happiness? I think I was always hungry because my body craved what I shouldn't have...sugar and wheat.  It was a highly addictive drug, especially if they were combined together.  It would consume my thoughts and drive my actions. I just needed another bite!
Some theories for these cravings hypothesize that because you may not tolerate certain foods your body releases feel good chemicals when you eat them to mask the intolerance.  That would account for the horrible withdrawal I had when I gave up gluten cold turkey. It was worse than when I cut sugar out of my diet. I was highly apathetic and depressed. Also the fatigued was like nothing else I had experienced.  I felt like I was moving through glue. After about a week it was like a switch was flipped and I felt great. Better than great. Amazing. Joyous, and energized.  Nothing could make me go back now.