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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My By New Years Resolutions

I have a few goals with this new year, I used to make resolutions but they never stuck. I read that if you want to accomplish a goal you need to figure out why you are changing and draw from that to help you make your change.  In April of this year I was honestly just sick of being fat. I could use a PC term, but fat is what I was and how I felt. I was in Atlanta visiting friends and it was a glorious weekend. It was sunny and warm with temperature of about 70 degrees.  It was still cold where I am from at the time so the warmth was a foreign thing after a long cold winter.  I should have been happy, but I wasn't. I was anxious, sad and felt like I had an 80 pound monkey on my back. I in a sense did have a monkey on my back, in the form of excess weight.
I was reading a book by Gretchen Rubin that week, titled "The Happiness Project". It is a simple book with easy to follow changes you can make in your life. It made me think about what I wanted and how I could get it.  I wanted to lose weight, but more than that I wanted to feel energized and alive without the anxiety that accompanied my food obsession.  I started with my "by new years resolutions".
I wanted to lose weight, but I wanted that to be byproduct of what I had changed in my life.  I wanted to choose the path that I felt I was destined for... and oh yes by the way look at that, I lost all of this weight! I think I am on the right path now and throughout my blog I will tell you how I got there.


  1. You know, I never make New Year's resolutions. I'd never manage to keep them!