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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clean Eating & Gluten Free Emily

I find that since my lifestyle is relatively new (to me) I often find myself explaining what I eat in detail meal by meal to many curious people. I thought why not blog about my journey as it is somewhat out of the ordinary, but not all that strange. What I do eat: really good food. I try to focus on what I can eat, not on what I can't eat although sometimes there is just no replacement for the gluten filled version I grew up on.  I have noticed during the holidays it can be especially hard.  I don't ever think that suffering and "cheating" is worth it though.  I cannot explain the difference inside of me now that I have said goodbye to wheat, barley and rye.  I have so much more energy!
Sometimes people ask me what do you eat for a snack? It is a great question because it astounds me every day how much wheat the average person can consume in a day. Starting with morning cereal or a bagel. I often eat baked tortilla chips with salsa, fruit with nut butter, nuts with some almond milk or veggies, hummus and veggies, or I make a smoothie from some frozen fruit.

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